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The 1922 Visit to the Bahamas

The visit to the Bahamas lasted two weeks from February 21, 1922 to March 8, 1922. It was Hayes’s first visit to the Bahamas as Archbishop of New York. According to The Catholic News, “The present visit of Archbishop Hayes is of unusual importance to the Bahamas, as His Grace will open several new missions throughout the islands.”

The Cardinal’s party traveled on the SS Munargo, via the Munson Steamship Lines. This particular ship was traveling to Nassau, Bahamas, and Cuba. Items such as the passenger list, menus, and a postcard with an image of the cruiser were preserved in this scrapbook. Many photographs were also taken aboard the ship on their way to Nassau.

A postcard of the SS Munagro from page 1 of the scrapbook

A postcard of the SS Munagro from page 1 of the scrapbook

Schedule of the 1922 Visit, According to Rev. Stephen Donahue’s Datebook. Rev. Donahue was secretary to Hayes:

February 18, 1922: Sail for Bahamas

February 21, 1922: Arrived in Bahamas

February 24, 1922: Academy Children Game; called on Governor and had tea there

February 26, 1922: Saint Francis Conference; Sacred Heart Conference

February 27, 1922: 8:00 left for Harbor Island Mission, arrived at 3:30

February 28, 1922: Harbor Island- Blessed Sacrament; 8:00 Mass and Confirmation of two converts, the only Catholics on the Island of about 500 inhabitants; Visitation of new convent; At 12:30 left for Nassau, arrived at 7:30pm

March 1, 1922: Ash Wednesday, blessed ashes

March 2, 1922: Confirmed three women and two men (lepers) at hospital; Visitation of St. Francis Convent; Lady McKerzie entertained at her house

March 4, 1922: Duke and Duchess Richelieu called on His Grace

March 5, 1922: First Sunday of Lent; Arch. preached at high mass in St. Francis Church; Arch. received residents of Nassau in the evening

March 6, 1922: 4-5 Arch received all who came

March 8, 1922: Left Nassau at 5:45 for New York

March 10, 1922: Rough night on ocean

March 12, 1922: Arrive at Ambrose Channel at 6:30 AM; Docked at 9:30 AM

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