School Record Request Policy

  1. Only the following authorized recipients of student records are able to request a transcript:
    1. The student named in the record (if over age 18 or an emancipated minor);
    2. A parent or legal guardian of the student (if the student is under age 18);
    3. Officials of Archdiocese of New York schools;
    4. Other parties as designated in writing by persons (1) through (3) above;
    5. Other parties as designated by court order, subpoena, summons, or statute.
  2. In order to request a transcript, the person should fill out the appropriate Record Request Form and return it to the Archives with identification and the fee.  All requests must be sent via mailNo in-person or faxed requests will be accepted.
  1. Transcripts will be sent through the mail.  They cannot be emailed or faxed.
  1. No information can be given out over the phone.
  1. Please know that it takes Archives staff up to 2 weeks to process the request after it has been received in the mail.  All efforts will be made to mail out the transcript as soon as possible, but please allow time for turn-around, given your location and the postal system.
  1. Official transcripts can only be sent to: educational institutions, employers, and authorized investigative agencies.  Official transcripts are stamped with a seal, and are provided in a sealed envelope.  They are accompanied with a letter of authenticity.
  1. Only Unofficial transcripts of their own transcript can be provided to (former) students and / or guardians.  Unofficial transcripts are not stamped with a seal.  They are marked “Issued to Student.”

Historical School Records Access Policy


  1. When available, Student Census, Attendance Books, Roll books, and Attendance Registers created before 1930 are available for historical research. Finding Guides for collections available for research may be found in our collections list.
  1. Transcripts and school records that contain grades or test scores are restricted to the student of record. Only the student of record and the school district of origin may request these records.
  1. In most cases, research is allowed in student records if the record was created before 1920. To request historical access to student records, contact the Archives.